Radio controls

remote controls

Our radio control line up has a wide range of options.
This allows us to find the right fit of transmitter/receiver packages for our customer’s needs, from basic handheld to very complex belly boxes. UL/CSA Class 1 Div 1 hazardous location remotes are also available.

Incosa solutions provides an excellent after sales service !

i-c4c crane controls

The i-c4c is our controller that we can program for a wide range of overload controls, summing of multiple hoists on single bridge or wireless crane to crane summing. The system covers many special applications such as zoning, custom applications based off of distance from each crane, datalogging the motions and loads of the cranes, eventlogging, ...


Hamilton Ontario

Incosa North America has opened an office in the Toronto region.

We are supplying the north American market from this location for quick response times, thanks to our experienced people and local stock and sales / support.